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TECHRITOMA stands for Technology for Recovery Investments,Taking Operative Actions for Massive Avail. TECHRITOMA Inc is a multipurpose technology based company with head office in Buea Cameroon and Nairobi Kenya.

Why you have to Choose US?

Being a multipurpose technology based company, we have the best developers arould the world who had worked in big Companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, etc. Our experience in products and services in technology domain is diverse. Our previous clients can predict the outcome of your future product.

  • Your Products will be delivered on Time.
  • Maintenance of products and Services is a neccessity.
  • Your performance will improve as a result of our products and/or services.

Invest now With us for the best of your company.

Our Domains

Applications Developement

We develop apllications of all categories: Mobile Phones, Desktops, Embedded Systems, etc

Web Developments

This involves websites and web base management systems for institutions in need of process automation

Cloud Deployment

We help our clients transfer their business on cloud, develope cloud services(SAAS,PAAS,IAAS) to drive sales of their product on cloud

Data Science

We use artificial intelligence(AI), Machine learning(ML) algorithm, and deep learning together with data analysis to generate knowledge which will enable stakeholders to make wise decisions on their business progress.

What we have achieved so far

We are still looking ahead as there are better days ahead.






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Our Services involve process automation and enable clients to use Data -to-Decision technologies with easily visualisation

Development of institutions management System

These products are developed in different forms such as mobile apps, desktop apps, embedded Apps , web base apps, websites , etc for institutions such as schools, Hotels, companies, humanitarian organisations,NGO ,etc

Professional IT Certifications

We offer expert training to prepare you for top IT certifications from Google, IBM, Microsoft, and more. Plus, gain industry-recognized credentials directly through our certification programs. This is usually in three levels: Train ~ Test ~ Certify Explore Programs

Graphic Design and Printing

We do two Dimentional(2D) and three Dimentional(3D) Design and Printing.Our quality is a necessity for you to make us a reference to other clients.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repairs is more importance that products itself. we do Maintenance and repairs of software and hardware products.

Empowering the Next Generation

We believe true success lies in sharing knowledge and nurturing potential. Our mentorship program offers hands-on training and expert guidance to help young minds unlock their best selves. Apply Now

Installation and Sales of IT Equipments

Your New electronics device will be in good shape in the long run depending on how it was configured. Our technichians give you the best. Maintenance is not left out when need be



TECHRITOMA Inc has ready to used products below and many more on pipeline

  • All
  • Applications
  • Cloud
  • Web based


App to learn English Pronunciation

Techcoedu:Online School Management System

Web based Application

Ajua Market

E-Commerce Agency

Job Doorway

Job management system



Meet some of our dedicated team members; team work make the dream work.

Andropov Ajebua

Chief Executive Officer

Computer Engineer

Samuel Ouma Othieno

Product Manager

Computer Engineer

Betrand Ajebua

Software Developer

Computer Engineer

Litu Prodence

Human Resource Manager(HRM)

Educational Psychologist



Our support team is Available 24/7 in 365. Speed is our passion


South West Region , Cameroon

Nairob - Kenya



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